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Moved Back to Herzelia!

I’m too tired to write anything else about it, but Aya and I finally moved to Herzelia. Combine that with the fact that I finally submitted my master’s thesis this week, and you get that life should be so much better now (15 minutes to work instead of an hour and a half does a good deal to one’s health).

A downer is that my bike was just stolen 2 days before the move. It was my fault, I had bought a very good chain for it but almost never used it out of naivety. Live and learn I guess.

Our apartment is still a huge mess from the move, and we’ll be taking our sweet time unpacking. However, if anyone wants to drop by to a messy apartment and say hello, you’re welcome.

One Comment

  1. Shlomo Priymak:

    Dude, we’ve talked about it – a Kymco Dink 150 is not a bike! 😉 It’s a *scooter*!