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Quora just got more addictive

Wow Quora, you sure know how to build addictive products!

New feature: whenever you follow a topic, 2-3 new closely related topics are shown to you. Odds are you will find one of them interesting and follow it … and thus end up in a loop.

I just followed about 20-30 new topics when my original intent was to just follow one. Great UX guys, well done.

If you use Quora and you follow less than 100 topics, you’re doing it wrong. I’m following 966 topics, growing fast. FYI the more topics you follow, the more refined is your newsfeed … but you don’t get more overall noise from the system, just more interesting items better tuned to your taste.



    Oddly enough, I feel happy I stopped using quora now. Even when I have nothing to do, this site is just TOO addictive. But it is still quite awesome. I miss it.

  2. ripper234:

    And you are following just 38 topics … imagine how addictive it would be it you spent a bit more time cultivating your topics 🙂


    Actually, I stopped using quora. It was too overwhelming and consumed too much time.
    And I have so much notifications I am afraid to go back!

  4. ripper234:

    Just clear all your past notifications.