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Posts tagged ‘Academia’

My Master thesis is now locked!

I wrote my master thesis in computer science 4.5 years ago, and it was published by my universitry, the Technion. It was always very Googlable – just Google for “Ron Gross master thesis”.

Well, I happened to do this exact Google search today, and found the correct Technion webpage with my abstract, clicked on “Full Thesis Text” to download the PDF … and found that my thesis is now access-locked outside of the Technion network!

What the fuck?

I hate academic censorship. My thesis might or might not be relevant to someone out there (someone actually cited it a few years ago), but there is no reason to have it locked. I did find another technion page that provided full access, but who knows … that might be gone tomorrow as well.

Luckily, I have of course saved a full copy of my thesis in my trusty old gmail. So, for posterity, if you happen to be interested in “Invariance Under Stuttering in Branching-Time Temporal Logic“, go right ahead and download it. Free as beer, and free speach. No subscription required.

BTW, I’m a proponent of the Higher education bubble hypothesis.

איך משיגים תואר בביולוגיה

עדכון – אחרי שראיתי היום שמישהו אשכרה חיפוש “תואר בביולוגיה” בגוגל והגיע לדף הזה, החלטתי להעביר את המשחק לשרת יותר נורמלי מהמחשב הישן של ההורים שלי. נו שיהיה.

משהו שהכנתי מזמן בשביל איה.
עשוי לשעשע אתכם, אבל לא מובטח.

כנסו אם בא לכם

New Acadmic Year!

Finally, after six year of at least partial absence, I’m a full-time student once again. I’m back at the Technion for one semester (hopefully) to complete my thesis and master degree.

I must say I missed the academic atmosphere very much these past years. I do miss a few aspects of working in a team though. It’s somewhat less fun coming to empty office in the morning and just sitting there busting your brains on a theoretical problem, compared to being in a chaotic 10 man software team with people coming and going all the time.

BTW, I’m teaching Introduction to Computer Science this semester (again), and we’re finally moving from Turbo C (written in 1992) to Visual Studio C++ Express. I’m giving the “VS Express Usage” presentations next week – wish me luck.