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I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be a Christian

I’ve recently listened to two audio books on religion – Richard Dawkin’s "The God Delusion" and "I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist", by Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek (still half way through).

Both books claim that the existence of God is a scientific question. The latter looks like a keen attempt to persuade the reader that:

  1. We can conclude, on logic and philosophical reasons alone, that God exists.
  2. Christianity the correct religion, again for logical reasons.

The book is dangerous. It contains a great deal of truth – which makes the falsehoods hard to detect sometimes.

Here is a neat dissection of the book, written in a form of a dialog with the book itself. Recommended reading.

World Crops in Danger


This reminds me of a good book I’ve read once, The Death of Grass (or ככלות העשב in Hebrew). Basically the grass/wheat of the world dies, then animals who depend on it, then the human race comes to cannibalism and rioting.

Better stock up on food while you can…