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Posts tagged ‘Food’

A four cheese salad

A friend asked for the recipe for this salad. It’s embarrassingly simple:

  1. Cut some cucumbers, pepper and tomatoes (either normal or Sherry).
  2. Pick some of your favorite cheeses. We used Merlot, Massdam, Mozzarella and Tsfatit, but you can use any. Cut down to small cubes.
  3. Add some pumpkin & caraway seeds to make it more interesting.
  4. Add olive oil and lemon juice in generous portions.
  5. Spice it up – salt, four seasons pepper, Marjoram and Za’tar.

And voilà:

World Crops in Danger


This reminds me of a good book I’ve read once, The Death of Grass (or ככלות העשב in Hebrew). Basically the grass/wheat of the world dies, then animals who depend on it, then the human race comes to cannibalism and rioting.

Better stock up on food while you can…